New Produk " FUJIKURA 62s+ " 100% Ori From Japan

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We are familiar with the word FIBER OPTIC. Fiber optic is a type of cable made of glass or plastic that is very fine, and is used as a transmission medium because it can transmit light signals from one location to another at high speed. This fiber optic cable is one that is used for telecomominational workers.
And already familiar, we hear the word connecting device, in other words, SPLICER. Many brands / brands have been used, one of which is the Fujikura 62S + Splicer.
Fujikura 62S + Fujikura is the best-selling fusion splicers in the world, known for its ruggedness and reliability and unmatched. Provides performance in reducing core alignment active connections using conventional wind protectors and tube heater designs. As an alternative to the fully automatic 70S + core alignment model, the 62S + includes an auto-start feature for splicing and tube heating processes that minimizes the steps needed to process splicers. With a shrinking time of 23 seconds with a standard splice arm, the 62S + ensures a high level of productivity. Combines ruggedized features. Battery capacity is 200 splices / shrinks. Transit cases double as built-in or mobile workstations and make splicing easier than before and equipped with Bluetooth technology, designed to make it easier for users.
All of our items are guaranteed for 1 year.
We also accept REPAIR all kinds of SPLICER, OTDR, Site Master and other TELKOM tools.
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